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Posted by gbpec on June 4, 2005

31st May

After 1 year we are back into the college with our forgotten memories. Just to remind those loving memories cool breeze of GBPEC blows again, touching our face, touching our heart and more than that our soul. I wish I’d be here always on the lap of divine himalaya.

I can’t write much ‘coz I dont have words to appreciate the function, I can just say it feels good to see all the friends, seniors and juniors laughing together.

At last I can’t forget our journey back to the Mohali…. Wo makhi ka juice, wo bislery ki bottle and bhatt sir logon ke jokes……………………..

aansu bahar aane ko hain so I better stop writing and show you the pics


2 Responses to “Convocation”

  1. Hi Sandy,
    This is Abhishek-your senie from GBPEC. Nice work, man. I couldn’t come to the Convo. Gr8 pics that u have posted. I really missed a lot !!!

  2. Anonymous said

    Dear Sandy,
    Great Job Done !!!!
    Feelings are inexplicable…..
    Again and again only one thing comes into mind
    “Woh pal ruk kion nahi gaye wahin”.


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