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Recruitment this year in GBPEC

Posted by सन्दीप on April 20, 2006

According to the latest news in GBPEC

  • BAJAJ has selected 6 guys from EE/ME(4 Mech + 2 EE).
  • Globus Infocomm has already selected 12 guys, 4 CS, 4 EC, and 4 ME and EE.
  • Mahindra Britsh Telecomm is about to come on 5 April.
  • HCL is also suppose to come somewhere in April.
  • 10 guys are already selected in BEL Kotdwara.

So total recruitment this year is huge as compare to other batches. Well done GBPEC. I still have to get the exact number of students recruited this year. Once I get the list I’ll update it here. If anybody read it and knows the name and count please mail me or post a comment here. I know you have my email ID.

List of the guys selected in Bajaj Auto :

  1. Gaurav Pokhriyal
  2. Bhanu Gupta
  3. Gaurav Joshi
  4. Tarun Mohan Joshi
  5. Abhinav Saxena
  6. Laxman Singh (Waiting)


  1. Shitiz Raikwar (nick name : Jheenga )


  1. Naval Kishore Pandey
  2. Mukul Nautiyal
  3. Manoj Joshi


  1. Anuj Soni
  2. Himanshu Badoni
  3. Nitin Joshi
  4. Shashank Kukreti
  5. Gaurav Lakhera
  6. Pooja Mukhiya


  1. Krishna Nandan

[Update – 24 April 06]

5 more guys have made their way into the S/W profession by getting selected by NEC-HCL in an on campus event.

  1. Umesh Bhandari CSE
  2. Charu Pant CSE
  3. Sunder Negi CSE
  4. Sumit Sinha ECE
  5. Rajesh Jain ECE

Swiss Gear

  1. Saurabh Nainwal

: special thanks to Shitiz for providing me the list of guys.


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Sports Meet 2006

Posted by gbpec on April 10, 2006

News flash from GBPEC:

*Tilak House won the Annual Sports meet 2006 this year.
*Tarang 2006 is going strong. It's a stripped down version of goonj which is slated for november.

Awaiting for the more update on this topic. Please post me the latest GBPEC stories so that I could update it here. You can either mail me or post a comment here or you could post a comment at Any of GBPEC group @Yahoo or @Orkut or @GBPEC Alumni site

Reporter : Shitiz

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