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Goonj Event List: Technical

Posted by सन्दीप on September 30, 2006




Events Name

Participation from each college


Time Limit


Open(selection based on abstract)2 in each team

Technical paper presentation (Deptt. Wise)

10 min + 5min

Code Warriors

Open(based on prelims round)2 in each team

Test your skills of programming (2 rounds)

30 min + 1 hr

Turing Machine

Open(2 in each team)

Submit your software project in any language (involving a questionaire section)

10 min

Quiz Wizz

2 ( team of 2)

How much technically sound you are

30 min


2(2 in each team)

Test your creativity and web skills

1 hr

Wiry Logic

Open(based on prelims round)2 in each team

Analysis of circuit problem and implementing it on breadboard

30 min+ 1 hr


Open( based on abstract selection) 2 in each team

Exhibition of Working Models & their troubleshooting

30 min


2(3 in each team)

Simulate Control Systems on MATLAB

1 hr


2(2 in each team)

Test your CAD skills

1 hr

Junkyard Wars

1(4 in each team)

Making some designs out of junk

1 hr + 3hr

Richter Scale

2(2 in each team)

Build strong structures that can withstand earthquakes

24 hr


Open(2 in each team)

Move the weight with your water cannons

15 min


2 (1 from each Group)

LAN games

Game dependent#



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