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GBPEC Alumni Group/Contacts

If you are a new student trying to admit in the GBPEC Pauri Garhwal or want to know more about our beloved GBPEC, feel free to contact us. We the alumnis of GBPEC are more than happy to help you. We are always happy to support you.

If you are a student of the GBPEC and you need any kind of help from your alumni group. Dont ever hesitate to contact us.

We are available on Orkut
Orkut GBPEC Community

We are on Yahoo!
Yahoo GBPANT Group

Facebook GBPEC Group

We are on Internet

Official College site(I’m not sure if you can find the official site on the search engines anymore)
GBPEC Official site :

Alumni site (Maintained by A.R.Jaiswal sir)
GBPEC Alumni site (Not Active any more)

Team Agile has come up with a good initiative and they are working hard on it. This portal is not yet complete but with the pace these guys are working on, new Alumni site should be up and running in a very short time.
Team Agile – GBPEC Alumni site

And ofcourse you can always post a comment here or any of my blogs.

Here is my E-Mail ID:
flying.death AT

Or you can call me at +91-9885447993

3 Responses to “GBPEC Alumni Group/Contacts”

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  2. […] GBPEC Alumni Group/Contacts […]

  3. Sonam Priya said

    No updates from the side of alumni …

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