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Marrige GBPEC

So I basically was thinking about all the guys and gals from our batch who married or planning to get married I wanted to include all the GBPECians out there but couldn’t remember all the names also I wasn’t aware if they will get annoyed if I publish their name over internet but I think I certainly have a right to wish my batchmates a very happy married life. So here I’m gonna publish the names of the persons I know of who are either married or soon gonna be…. I’ll list them chronologically so dont kill me if your name comes last. Yeah if anybody have objection please please let me know. I’ll quickly take the appropriate action.

  1. Nidhi Kapoor : She is the one who took the initiative and married the Sabarwal sir.
  2. Assadullah Ansari : Ansari took the challenge from guys side and married last year in Sept-2005. I wont open a secret right now but it will be soon revealed. Keep reading…
    [Update]According to undisclosed sources Ansari had a child last month in May(actually Ansari’s wife 🙂 ).
    Congrates buddy. Wish you all the best[/Update]
  3. Sangeeta Panwar : Second lady who got engaged in march-april dont remember exact date and soon going to be married. Do expect a wedding card at your door soon. If not ping her..
  4. Reena Chaudhary : Here comes the third lady who recently got engaged and soon gonna be married to an Non residential Indian guy (just kidding) she will kill me if I say anything about her husband. 🙂 Actually TCS has got some exciting offer if husband and wife both are in TCS. Soon we’ll get to know what is that.
    [Update]She got married on 29th June and according to the latest news she is in the Switzerland.[/Update]
  5. Rahul Singh Gurjar : One more guy got engaged this year 2006 forgot the date but he’s gonna be married soon.

Congratulation to all of you. Wishing you people a very happy married life 

Here my list ends but wait some guys are waiting for the right time and here is the list :

  1. Atul Tiwari : I’m expecting the news soon but Tiwari you are the right person to disclose the news. 😛
  2. Deepak Rawat : He is also at the end of his bachelor life.

Some news are floating about Sachin Sharma but I really dont want to say it in the public hahaha. 😀 😀 Guys he is the dude of our batch. He is also going to marry someone. Who is this someone ?????? Guess

No answer Call me ……………………….

If you feel you are missing in the list and wanna be included or you want your foes to be included here feel free to comment. If anybody feel offended ping me or send me an email as I said earlier I’ll take the quick response.

I Will keep you updated. Keep watching;)

Thank you


6 Responses to “Marrige GBPEC”

  1. sachin said

    manoj gautum going to married

  2. sachin said

    DINESH WEDs REENU same batch 2001 -2005 going to marry in dec

  3. Davy Jones said

    Sharma Ji ki hone wali biwi…
    yaani k ‘BHABHi Ji’ ka naam bata kyun nahin dette…lo main bata deta hun..’KAMLA’
    haan bhaiyon…sach hai yeh khud Sharma ji se pooch lo.

  4. Davy Jones said

    …yaar kahin humnein doosri bhi udti sagai ki khabrein suni theen..r u not that much updated dude?

    congrats to the concerned!

  5. har khabar kee hamein khabar. Wo bhee sabse pahle. Controversy main rahna is not my business so until everything is not officially verified 😉 cant mention. U c

  6. Asad said

    There is no secret such as…Yes…I married in sep,2005 now i have a child also.He is approximately 2 years 4 months.

    Congrates me Because my Son Got admission in Ryan International School in IGCSE board. He will go school from june,2009.
    After that who is next going to end of his becholar life….

    Update to all…Nice to see this thread!!!

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