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GBPEC.ORG changed again

Posted by gbpec on November 6, 2005

Not to say much as u must have a look at

This is changed again. Once again a new look. I have no idea how many people watch that site but I know that I do. Site theme should not be changed so frequently. Doesn’t matter much but this is a college site even personal site dont make much changes. and again same silly mistakes that happenes when u copy something from ur friends sheet. Dont tell me u never made any cheating in college. Cool….

No idea about what is going on in GBPEC. No netsavvy is their I suppose or may be network badwidth is the problem but at least people should start writing about GBPEC. They should share their thought very frequently at least somebody should know there is college in far hills named as GBPEC. 1 guy mailed me about the admission procedure of GBPEC but he shouldn’t have come to me instead he should have gone to the college site and ask there but why should he if we dont have enough information at the site which is virtually our representative in this Internet era.

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Forum at GBPEC alumni site is alive

Posted by gbpec on October 28, 2005

Forum at the alumni site of GBEPC is alive. You can participate and express your thoughts over there.

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Posted by gbpec on September 8, 2005

I don’t know why but I never really liked the college site. i always wanted to see it from my eyes. Anyway I feel that it was better before than it is today 09 Sept 2005. Effort of students is appreciable but there is something missing that wasnt there earlier also. How to contact the webmasters or college authoraties. No information is there even if someday u get the link that is outdated and no one responding to that mail. Am I wrong ???
One more thing lacking in the site is the interactiveness. Right now it is using flash. But i dont want interactiveness of this kind. I want to interact with college faculty, college students not on the basis of my personal relationship but on the background of GBPEC.
They can have some kind of forum Chat room mailinglist or whatever you feel is good enough. We already have them but unofficially. How about a alumni website????????
If nothing a guest book will do if not anythingelse.

Any body alive there ………………………. Hope not.

Reference :

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Govind Ballabh Pant Enginnering College and Sandeep Singh Rawat

Posted by gbpec on June 20, 2005

Sorry for adding this private page to the blog but I was trying to do some experiment with this.

These are my links to the pages I use to maintain. Check it out regularly.

MY name is Sandeep Singh Rawat. I’ve done my B.E. Computer Sc. & Engg. from Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College (GBPEC )Pauri. I used to use flyingdeath keyword and am an active member of OSS_GBPEC.
I used to surf the google and Yahoo ! most but recently came through the web page

that make me think whether I should use google or not……………………………

Flying Death Home Page

flyingdeath blog

GBPEC Govind Ballabh Pant Engg College blog

flyingdeath Home Page

Sandeep Singh Rawat

flyingdeath AT BlogMonster sandeep singh rawat

Sandeep Singh Rawat at Yahoo! 360

FlyingDeath at multiply

FLying Death’s Home Page

Get connected with me on Yahoo! Sandy

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Posted by gbpec on June 4, 2005

31st May

After 1 year we are back into the college with our forgotten memories. Just to remind those loving memories cool breeze of GBPEC blows again, touching our face, touching our heart and more than that our soul. I wish I’d be here always on the lap of divine himalaya.

I can’t write much ‘coz I dont have words to appreciate the function, I can just say it feels good to see all the friends, seniors and juniors laughing together.

At last I can’t forget our journey back to the Mohali…. Wo makhi ka juice, wo bislery ki bottle and bhatt sir logon ke jokes……………………..

aansu bahar aane ko hain so I better stop writing and show you the pics

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GBPEC main masti

Posted by gbpec on April 27, 2005

So the college is doing masti.
Everybody is having fun out there.
Bistro. Sports meet Goonj and what else ??? More importantly Deval’s arrival.
For those who didn’t get the update news on Goonj.
here it is
Shalini from IInd yr -> Miss Goonj
Vaibhav IInd yr -> Mister Goonj
Anybody outthere listening??????
Correct me if I’m wrong. may be I’m wrong about the guy. Who cares..
We gotta boom.
Check it out regularly. .
Love you guys.

See ya


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Posted by gbpec on February 16, 2005

Nice effort done by semwal and anu sir, Not forgetting the Pandey sir.
It looks good to see that our college site grows up. Now it’s u’r time to suggest. from my side there are some mistakes like code leaks somewhere. Something I already mailed them. Also there should be an option or kind of form where visitors can give their comment. kind of forum or blog.


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First Blog entry

Posted by gbpec on January 16, 2005

Hi friends,
thanks for visiting our college site GBPEC.ORG
Now it’s time to comment the site. So please tell me how did you like this and what needs to be done to enhance the site
Thanks for your support and love

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