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Virtual Drive to GBPEC

Posted by सन्दीप on February 9, 2008

Long time since I posted here. As usual busy with work and lost contact with GBPEC so no update. You can avail much of the information from ORKUT Community anyway (Contact US)

Here are some pics of our College


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New GBPEC Alumni site

Posted by gbpec on February 21, 2007


I just created a new website for the GBPEC Alumni. Din’t get time to update the site but will be working soon over that..

Here is the url to my new web :

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Conditions for admission in GBPEC

Posted by सन्दीप on November 28, 2006

Here are the new kasmein you have to take if you wish to get admitted into the GBPEC


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Goonj postponed

Posted by सन्दीप on October 8, 2006

Goonj 2007 is postponed for the next semester.
I thought college is changed but I was wrong perhaps. Something never change (Jaise kutte kee poonch kabhee seedhee nahi ho sakti). 😀

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Goonj Event List: Technical

Posted by सन्दीप on September 30, 2006




Events Name

Participation from each college


Time Limit


Open(selection based on abstract)2 in each team

Technical paper presentation (Deptt. Wise)

10 min + 5min

Code Warriors

Open(based on prelims round)2 in each team

Test your skills of programming (2 rounds)

30 min + 1 hr

Turing Machine

Open(2 in each team)

Submit your software project in any language (involving a questionaire section)

10 min

Quiz Wizz

2 ( team of 2)

How much technically sound you are

30 min


2(2 in each team)

Test your creativity and web skills

1 hr

Wiry Logic

Open(based on prelims round)2 in each team

Analysis of circuit problem and implementing it on breadboard

30 min+ 1 hr


Open( based on abstract selection) 2 in each team

Exhibition of Working Models & their troubleshooting

30 min


2(3 in each team)

Simulate Control Systems on MATLAB

1 hr


2(2 in each team)

Test your CAD skills

1 hr

Junkyard Wars

1(4 in each team)

Making some designs out of junk

1 hr + 3hr

Richter Scale

2(2 in each team)

Build strong structures that can withstand earthquakes

24 hr


Open(2 in each team)

Move the weight with your water cannons

15 min


2 (1 from each Group)

LAN games

Game dependent#


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Goonj Event List: Cultural

Posted by सन्दीप on September 30, 2006

1. Nirvana(Music)

Event Name

No. of Entries from each college


Time Duration

Meri awaaz Suno {Hindi Solo(m/f)}

2(1male and 1 female)

Sing your hearts out to any hindi song


Ballad-de-exotica {English Solo(m/f)}

2(1male and 1 female)

Rock the audience with any english no.


Jugalbandi {Hindi Duet}


Bedazzle the crowds with your “JUGALBANDI”


Bazm (Ghazal)


Create the aura of the regal times


Sur Sangam (Group song)


Show harmony in group musical renditions


Mahak mitti ki (Folk song)


Mesmerize with the smell of folk tunes


Vaadya (Instrumental)


Test your mettle on the instruments that spell music magic

4 minutes


2. Drama


No. of entries from each college


Time Duration

Ekanki (Skit)

1 entry(8-10 participants)

Comedy, where the background remain unchanged

10-15 minutes

Laughter challenge (Stand up comedy)


Make the audience laugh with your performance

5 minutes


1(6 participants in a group)

Act with music sans speech

5 minutes


1(4 partipants)


3+5(8) minutes

Choreo theme

1(8-10 participants)


10-12 minutes


3. Dance


No. of entries from each college


Time Duration

Solo Dance(m/f)

2(1 male and 1 female)

Dance to the rhythm of the soul

5-7 minutes

Dance Duet


Sizzle the stage with enchanting chemistry

5-7 minutes

Group Dance

1(6-8 participants)

Show your synchro skills

5-7 minutes

Folk Dance

1(6-8 participants)

Color the times with folk spice

5-7 minutes


4. Literary


No. of entries from each college


Time Duration


2(1-for and 1-against)

Opine to mass consensus




Prove your stand




Justify the fraud


Group Planning

1(a group of 4)

The power of four


Business Plan

1(a group of 4)

Who will be the business baazigar

5-7+2(7-9) minutes

Count Your Vote


What it takes to be P.M.

3 minutes


1(a group of 2)

Know how much you know

40 minutes


1(a group of 2)

Solve the conundrum

20 minutes

Ad-mad Show

1(a group of 3-5)

Machiavellian to sell the product


Volta face


Benefit from treachery


Just a Minute(JAM)

1(a group of 2)

Each minute matters


Anargal Pralap


Go par your imagination


Spelling bee


Check your linguistics

10 minutes

Treasure hunt(crack the code)

1(a group of 2)

The quest for treasure

24 hours




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GOONJ 2006

Posted by सन्दीप on September 30, 2006

So this year we are gonna have Goonj 2006 on 15th October. It will go on for 3 days.
For the very first time in GBPEC history it will be an inter-college festival.
As you might already be knowing Goonj is always the biggest event of the college that every GBPECians waits for whole year. Music masti everything rocks………………

Our Correspondent

  • Apul Agarwal (CS-08)

Thanks to the Gaurav Baluni (CS-08) and Apul for desiging the beautiful webpage for GOONJ 06  
(As ususal a suggestion align the top image and flash in center)


Event List
You can find the event list at following url.

More details will follow in the next posts.

In the end one intersting link for you guys
End of the Internet


Edited with Windows Live Writer Beta

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New face of GBPEC college site

Posted by सन्दीप on August 31, 2006

I promised you of keeping in pace with the happenings in GBPEC and related info.

So today GBPEC launched a new website. Dont worry URL is same 😀 just the theme is changed and I must say its far better than earlier one (Not that I’m satisfied with this one). Content is same more or less (just a first look, have to browse every page before commenting any further) 
Students Activity page is not working.

I like the this image by the way. Its truly beautiful

Anyway attached is the Screen Shot of GBPEC Website.


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GBPEC Alumni 2nd News Letter is released

Posted by सन्दीप on August 31, 2006

Bhandari sir released the second GBPEC Alumni news letter (Jul-Aug) today.

You can download it from or

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Just like that

Posted by सन्दीप on August 21, 2006

So today I’m back with the status of GBPEC official website sorry I always gets confused never sure when they lost this one too 😀

So this is the colorful website of our professional college 🙂

and here are the Google Search Results for GBPEC

GBPEC official site is like one of the SPAMMER site (even there’s is better)

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